Monday, January 23, 2006

spot 1019 first album
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"The Spot Ten Nineteen is discussed"

Spot 1019's first album, now on CD, turns twenty years old in 2006. Superficially a classic power trio with a writhing lead singer, Spot inverted every convention it found in the course of its smart, determined and unique career. Their web pages don't seem to have been updated since before Colin Powell's resignation, but at the time of the last update they announced a new CD, "In Her Satanic Majesty's Secret Service Entrance." They deserved a great deal more attention than they got as youngsters, but you can still adopt a new favorite band, one that's sadder and wiser, more bitterly funny than ever. A band more like you.

CMJ wrote this about the first album. Something in the tone tells all you need to know about the shot the machine was willing to give them, man. Around 1990 Spot's lead singer Joe Sloan told an interviewer that in a world where people claim Rod Stewart has a meat and potatoes rock voice, his would probably qualify as macaroni and cheese.
Find your checkbook, go on line to their BUY STUFF page, get their mailing address and send them some money. They'll send you some scorching grinding grooves with a brilliant madman's freely associated rhymes and sideways smartassery. The new album makes four from which to choose. The two songs posted below are from the debut album, depicted above with the lovely spray-painted macaroni on ramen panels artwork.

Spot 1019 - Taste the Feel
Spot 1019 - Copacetic


4 comments: said...

Yes! 20 years since i was infected by spot 1019 at a Halloween bike messenger party in a grungy loft in San Francisco. Singer Joe Sloan was dressed like a bloated Elvis or somthing. I met people with names like "crudd" and "axel". Still listen to and love the Spot 1019. Hey, where the fuck is my bootlegged recording of spot 1019 doing the Cures "boys don't cry" with the lyrics of Gilligans Island?
Shit! I gotta go pick up my little girl from daycare- I'll listen to "Still-Again" in the car.

Rev said...

Gasp. 20 years is soooo long ago. I'm just glad that in my own mind, I am still that adolescent boy combing his hair in the mirror, listening to "True Story" on KSJS, and thinking, "Who is THAT!?"
On my "Top 10 Life's Greatest Triumphs" list is an entry about how I managed to organize a concert for Spot to play at UC Santa Cruz.
Thanks for the blog post...somebody ought to set up a Facebook group, or something.

Eric K said...

Ask and you shall receive. How do you take your poison, Official FB page:

or Spot 1019 fan group:

Anonymous said...

links are broken. Waaaaa! Can't digitise vinyl. Waaaaa! Please re up!