Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some have asked me about my "Lazy Bones" video posted at YouTube, wanting to know what I was thinking when I performed the tune in a recumbent pose. I am sure Perry Como would have seen nothing amiss in my approach. As evident in the clip above, he loves to bogey.

God bless Eugene Levy; here's hoping he's got a piece of the American Pie DVD action.

He sings pretty good. And Catherine O'Hara got her autoharp game on!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

David Julian Gray at NPR got in touch late last year to report that he found my CD weeks before and bought it online. He said he'd like to pass them around and see if anyone else there got enthusiastic about it. It's hard to tell about genuine enthusiasm (a pretty reserved bunch by all accounts), but someone decided there was some good bumper music on the album. Here's a link to a page at NPR's site where you can see the tune used and follow a link to a player that will play a chunk of the music for you. I hope it helps more people find my music!

NPR Morning Edition music cues played on March 31, 2008