Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Old Puppy
Old Puppy At SF Ferry Building

The guy standing, who looks like he's wearing his band uniform under duress, is Billy Wilson, and this is his band, Old Puppy. It's an outgrowth of our old duet, UKEBOX, which gives this web log its name. Making a unique supergroup are the added talents of Kurt Stevenson (more about whom in this log's November archive) and the singular Pete Devine on percussion. Pete played hatbox percussion on Billy's CD YUKETIDE: A Ukebox Christmas.

Old Puppy's Christmas list has one thing on it: a weekly regular for four, playing for brunch diners. What do you think, Santa?

(I'll be hawking YUKETIDE down at the busker's spot in front of Peet's on Fourth Street in Berkeley until Christmas is over, from eight to eleven am. The gendarmerie unplug amplifiers, but so far, not in the morning.)

Old Puppy Nabolom
Old Puppy At Nabolom Bakery Christmas Eve Morning
Left to right: Billy Wilson, Steven Strauss, Cynthia Wilson

Old Puppy - Where Or When
YUKETIDE - (Funky) Silent Night

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peter said...

Such great music! Would love to bring my sisteer and he guy come sit in when they come out to visit from Vermont this summer! Nabolom sessions are a treat!