Thursday, December 08, 2005

Eric and Suzy Thompson
Eric and Suzy Thompson have been two of the best friends a folkie can have. They've introduced me to some of the best musicians I've ever played with, and they themselves are in the front of that number. Each of them has graced my upcoming album of 'ukulele instrumentals with their unique and distinguished string manipulations, and I'm grateful for their gifts.

In a long-forgotten and enchanted time, when September Eleven was Stacey Street's birthday, I got to participate in the recording of a modest gem of modern jug band performance. Fourth Street Messaround is a CD Eric and Suzy Thompson produced at home with the engineering talents of Brendan Doyle. The band, dubbed The Todalo Shakers, augments the essential Thompson kernel with the musical talents of W. B. Reid on six-string banjo and Frannie Leopold on guitar. All sing. I was brought in with the challenge of using a bow on my string bass to evoke the deep, slippery sound of a big stone jug.

The Todalo Shakers
I love the results. Below I've posted a link to the title track, which features a spooky ending that gives me a chill no matter how many times I hear it.

Under that I have a link to Eric and Suzy's home page, and a link to one of their Todalo Shakers pages. Five more Todalo Shakers tunes to listen to when you get there. Be a good sort, then. There you go.

Fourth Street Messaround - The Todalo Shakers

Web site of Eric and Suzy Thompson
Eric and Suzy's Todalo Shakers pages

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