Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fleeting Designs is a special thank you to all the good people (and a couple of scoundrels) who helped me back on my feet after all my instruments were stolen this past spring. I had nothing new to offer them in gratitude, but I went to my stalled recordings bin to see if I could make an acceptable offering by polishing them up. A few of the tracks feature the musical talents of other instrumentalists, but it's mostly me arranging an accompaniment for myself and playing the tune on ukulele, at home, with no one waiting for it, and no one to please but myself.

I assumed it would take me couple of weeks.

I have been in love for years with the painting I used for the graphics. It was painted by Allegra Thompson, and it is used here with her kind permission. I marvel at the complexity of the moment she committed to the canvas.

I'm spending the day writing up the notes on these nineteen tunes. Expect them here by morning.


Steven Strauss said...

Still working on the liner notes. Sorry so long to wait. So much ironing to do and my diet pill is wearing off.

Steven Strauss said...

music played on ukuleles
by Steven Strauss

01 The Interlochen Bowl
(Edwin Franko Goldman)
02 Witchcraft
03 Gnossienne N.1
(Erik Satie)
04 Thanks For The Memory
05 Flying Ukulele
06 The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
(Billy Merson)
07 In Spite Of Ourselves
(John Prine)
08 Canto Siboney
(Ernesto Lecuona)
09 Our Little Angel
(D. P. A. MacManus)
10 Martha
(Von Flotow)
11 Ring Of Fire
(June Carter)
12 Three Penny Opera Medley
13 I'm So Lonely Tonight
(Daniel Dixon)
14 Soon It's Gonna Rain
15 Picture Me Without You
16 Raccoon Suite
17 Tribal Callings
18 Go Away Little Girl
19 Theme From Tennessee Tuxedo
(Chester Stover)