Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey friends of the UKEBOX thing

UKEBOX is now available at the iTunes Store. It's a foot in the door. If you'd like to see the door wedged open a little wider, there is a way you can help.

When you get to the iTunes Store you can search on Steven Strauss or UKEBOX and you'll get the album page. Listen to samples. If you've heard the CD and like it, consider saying something nice about it in the customer reviews. (I'd do it myself but there are people who would know instantly.) Even if all you hear is samples, feel free to say you like them.

Is this album in the wrong category (Easy Listening)? We don't come up among the recent releases in Easy Listening anyway, so what's the point of having that handle? Just makes ya fly lopsided...

You can help me pay for this album without any further outlay of funds, because I don't need to sell a million. But it'll take people unintentionally discovering UKEBOX while browsing. I just want a tiny fraction of that browsing market.

Have I mentioned we're at CDBaby, too? You can get a copy sent to your home or office. Samples there run two minutes, too, if hearing more of each tune would make a difference.

click to UKEBOX at CDBaby

Believe me, this is better than being signed to Warner Brothers.

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