Thursday, June 07, 2007

Record release party Sunday, June 17, at DaSilva Ukulele shop in Berkeley, CA. Meeting and greeting at five, concert at seven. We'll charge ten at the door, and for just that night we'll sell the CD for half price: ten dollars. Information about the shop, and the ukulele maker behind it, can be found at Hang on tight!

Click on the pretty picture above to see a bigger image and read the text!

Oh, by the way. You could do me a really big favor by getting in touch with me via MySpace. Check this link: It will help me learn to use MySpace like a reckoning critter.


John said...

Dude, i looked for you on myspace but gave up after 4-5 pages. Would you just stick the link in your blog entry?

I just blogged about Ukebox - see

I recommend putting up one track free, for now at least, so that people can have a listen and see if they want to pick up the whole CD. Or maybe that's available on your myspace (can't tell, as i couldn't find you there).

Steven Strauss said...

I'll try and figure out how to just do that link sticking thing. In the expanded liner notes posting the number and name for track nine, Feria De Las Flores is a link to the actual track which can be heard in its entirety. You got to hold my hand sometimes, Johnca. Or is it Johnor?

So is this the link to my MySpace page for others or is it a link to my MySpace page for me? It says it's my page, but would it say it's your page when you look at it?

I confuse easily.

John said...

It looks like a link to your myspace for you, and indeed it redirected me to the front page of the whole myspace site.

Amusing you should mention Feria De Las Flores because i played the Old Puppy version literally two songs ago. Been messing about on - - and ran into a "faulkedgar" there who was the only other person listening to Old Puppy - big Johnny Cash fan, do you know him?

John said...

Dude, the ID3 tags on Feria de las Flores are hosed. Artist says "Artist" rather than your name, the track name has a "09 " at the beginning, and the album title is "UKEBOX mastered by Paul Stubblebine" (his name could go in comments or something). And the Genre is "Genre".

Gorgeous to listen to though, and fun little bits from the other instruments. Was that someone saying something quietly at about 2:08?

Steven Strauss said...

Well, John, I think I've responded to your very good points. I renamed the mp3 file and corrected the id3 tag, uploaded it to the server and replaced the link at number 09 to pint to the corrected file. I finally found a MySpace-generated link to my MySpace page and replaced my search instructions with that link. I hope you can find my MySpace page now by clicking the link. It was not obvious to me how to do any of that. Thank you for spurring me on to work it out.

John said...


So how was the release party? And how do i mail order a CD?