Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet

Hollywood found the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet irresistible for their hard-swinging, gospel-based, rhythmic singing. If their one appearance in a Hollywood musical is any indication, Hollywood had no convincing notion of how to exploit their considerable charisma and elan. In the recording below, from the Dick Powell picture "Star Spangled Rhythm," the Gates are given to impersonate railroad car attendants, coaxing a night owl and his date out of the dining coach in time for curfew. Lead singer and proto-rapper Bill Johnson makes rapturous hay of the premise, courteously laying out the case against staying up all night. No subsequent recording of the song has approached the relaxed swing and easy confidence of this premiere performance, entrusted to the highly capable Golden Gate Quartet.

Hit The Road To Dreamland - Dick Powell, Mary Martin, The Golden Gate Quartet

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