Saturday, February 25, 2006

Alfons Bauer
Upper body strength: Alfons Bauer

Alfons Bauer is the man when it comes to the alpine zither. His superior technique, his broad expressive control of the instrument, amaze even more when you find out how hard the player has to push on that fretboard to get a sound! Even before I blew out my elbows I could get a sound out the thing for maybe twenty seconds, tops. Alfons looks like he could have held up the end of an axle and walked your busted wagon back to the shop. Hearing this man play ALWAYS makes me want to pick up my 'ukulele!.

Beim Sch├╝tzenfest - Alfons Bauer

I hope Lee Hartsfeld likes this music!


PS~ Monday midday and I find Alfons Bauer's name in the credits for two tunes on Morcheeba's album Big Calm. "Bullet Proof" and "Diggin' A Watery Grave." I couldn't hear no zither on "Bullet Proof." Any ideas?

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

Lee enjoyed it very much--one can almost HEAR that it takes power to get sound out of that instrument. Yet, his technique is elegant and assured. The man can play the zither!

Lee Hartsfeld, impressed